I have been using Amsoil in all of my vehicles for many years. How I got started, was actually because I was looking for a superior oil for my Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Back in 1999 I bought a brand new Harley Davidson Road King, it was not cheap, but, I thought it was time for me to get back to what I had loved for years, riding a motorcycle. I didn't have it for long, when Harley Davidson sent me a letter advising that the cam bearing in that model year had issues and had failed in some cases. This was not a recall issue for Harley Davidson, just advising their customers that if it did fail, they would fix the problem.

I decided to go looking for a good Motorcycle Oil, to protect my sizable investment. I spoke to a friend in Texas who had been riding motorcycles for years. He told me about Amsoil. He said they all used it, because of the heat where they lived, and how their engines ran better, lasted longer, ran cooler, ran quieter.

I decided to try it, but couldn't find it where I lived. So, one thing led to another and I became an Amsoil Dealer. I put it in my motorcycle, but didn't tell my friend who owned the local Harley Davidson Dealership and swore on original Harley Davidson parts and accessories. Shortly I found that my bike was running better, smoother, and maybe it was my imagination, but faster. All I was concerned about was that the cam bearings didn't fail and leave me stranded when I was on one of my trips.

Well, a few years passed and I decided to do an upgrade to the cams on my bike. I convinced my friend that we should do it one evening and him and I went to his shop and proceeded to put in the new cams. When we took out the original cams and bearings, we found that they had little or no wear on them. My friend was surprised, as he had changed several failed cam bearings from motorcyles of my vintage.

I then proceeded to tell him that I had been using Amsoil basically since it was new. Harley Davidson didn't have a synthetic oil at that time, and didn't even recommend putting it in their motors. I had read the warranty from Amsoil, and was not worried about using it. My friend, became a silent convert to Amsoil.

I have used Amsoil in all my vehicles, including a new Harley Davidson to replace the 1999 model. Which is still running here in town.

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